Apples to Apples - the truth will set you free

The objective of this book is to spread the good news, the message of hope and love, in a way that people will take notice of both sides, as with the need for every story, and perhaps for the first time, become desirous for truth over fiction, falsehood and mythology that is running rampant in our ‘anything-goes’ culture. 

There is much more at stake when we choose to believe in something. We must take eternity for example, more seriously. When we close our eyes for the last time what happens to us? Is there such a person and place as ’St. Peter at heavens pearly gates?’ – Or the ‘devil with the red face, two horns and a pitch fork?’ I’m being somewhat facetious here, but also very real.

All ‘religions,’ including Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, New Age, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism or Christianity, for example, proclaim, “We are the way.” So who’s right?

Is there more than one way to heaven?

Should we not justify these beliefs by considering the proof or factual evidence available in support of what is proclaimed as being true; are facts no longer relevant?

How do we know man is not the author of our belief system, or whether or not the text is God inspired?

Is there archaeological evidence in support of the books being referenced and professed as true?

Is there evidence in support of divinity, versus man playing god?

Should we be considering the definition of idolatry prior to placing our eternal soul and trust in something or someone?

Is there anything that separates the scriptural writings in which we believe to be true, from countless other faiths, such as how life began ... where the different languages and skin colors came from or perhaps information that only exists in our text long before man's discovery of said text?

Should logic and common sense be taken into consideration as we evaluate our faith of choice?

Should we for example place our trust in a faith that believes in all prophets, when all proclaimed prophets throughout history came delivering different messages? One Buddhist for example, not judging, claims we have a soul ... and another says we do not!

This book, 'APPLES TO APPLES - the truth will set you free,' is a side by side comparison of 12 faiths in which billions are placing their eternal trust. It is the author's humble opinion that no one can read this book and walk away without having a clear distinction between man playing god, and the divine God in action.

What do you believe?

Are you going to heaven when you die?

How do you know?

Do you care?

Perhaps it's worth a closer look, considering eternity is a very long time.

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