How & Why We Connect With The Living God


No matter what we believe, we can look around us, at home, work, on the news, and see that our world is falling apart at the seams, socially, spiritually, morally, ethically, materialistically, and with no indication of slowing down or how to resolve the problem. 

Religion is often found at the forefront of issues, caught up in the dilemma of, what religion is the right one.

Your author embraces the thought, 'Forget religion!'

There is no proof in religion, but there is abundant proof for divinity. Consider there are only two types of religion: 1/ Human Accomplishment (Man) and 2/ Divine Accomplishment (The Living God)

If you have ever pondered the idea about who or what to believe, what faith is or is not true and divine, from the overwhelming plethora of thoughts and perspectives available to us this day and age, this book {How & Why We Connect With The Living God}, removes all confusion with the use of an acronym "YOU ARE WORTH IT" and then targets the scripture, word for word that unfolds for us the 'How' and 'Why' we would and should give serious consideration for what comes next, after life as we know it comes to an end.

'YOU ARE WORTH IT' is broken down as follows:

Y/oke…we live and learn from the yoke of God
O/verseer…we live with the gift of an overseer
U/nity…we live in unity with all men

A/bstain…we live abstaining from all unrighteousness
R/epent…we live in righteousness through repentance
E/dify…we live to edify others of the grace and love of God

W/ork…we live, work and do all things as unto Him
O/bey…we live to obey honest correction and rebuke
R/ejoice…we live to rejoice in our freedom and peace of mind
T/ithe…we live to give (tithe) in furthering His absolute truth
H/umble…we live in humbleness at all times, void of pride

I/nheritance…we live in His inheritance, which is also ours
T/hanksgiving…we live to give thanks for all things in Christ’s name

You truly are worth it, and encouraged to add this brilliant 'How' & 'Why' approach to your library ... for the reason of simplifying the clear distinction between human accomplishment (man) and divine accomplishment (God) ... while discovering the absolute truth of Jesus Christ and His inerrant, infallible word found within the pages of The Holy Bible ... all 31,173 verses worth.

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